International Water Technology Conference

Prof Magdy Abo Rayan and Prof Ashraf EL Sheehy

Prof MAgdy Abou Rayan  & Prof Ashraf Elsheehy

23 rd International Water Technology Conference

This edition of International Water Technology Conference is the twenty third of event series initiated by The International Water Technology Association (IWTA) twenty two years ago. The conference offers an opportunity to present and discuss the most recent technological innovations and scientific developments associated with the water resources management,   water treatment technology, environmental and ecological systems, agricultural-water related issues and water infrastructure. The conference brings together researchers, scientists, water professionals, end-users, managers, decision makers and stakeholders from universities, research institutes, governmental agencies, industries and other interest groups. The conference participants will discuss and develop a general framework for minimizing and preventing the deterioration in water quality, remediation, restoration, innovative treatment technologies, energy consumption, and optimizing water resources planning and management facing scarcity. On the sidelines of the conferences, international exhibitions have been hold that offer the perfect occasion for discussing the new trends in the field of water industry. The exhibitors are contractors, manufacturers and specialized companies in water industry field.

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